Heartbleed Bug

GEICO's Response To The Heartbleed Bugheartbleed bug image

You have probably seen or heard recent news stories about the Heartbleed bug and may have questions about the security of our website. The security of our systems and the protection of your personal information are of the utmost importance to us. We want to assure you that GEICO's Information Security team has performed a thorough review of our online systems and have verified that they are not susceptible to the Heartbleed bug. Even so, we continue to monitor the information on Heartbleed to ensure our systems and your information remain properly protected.

What should you do?

At this time there are no additional measures that you need to do to protect your information contained in GEICO's systems, but we do have some general best-practice recommendations for maintaining your passwords for any of your activities online:

  • Have a unique password for each site that you access
  • Choose a password that is not a dictionary word or easily guessable/discoverable (your phone number, for example, is easily discoverable and thus a poor choice)
  • Change your passwords periodically