Benefits Of A Partnership With GEICO

What GEICO Can Do for Your Group

The GEICO Insurance Program is a reliable source of non-dues revenues for your organization. We seek memberships in excess of 30,000 people to enhance our sales opportunities within your organization and to be a viable source of revenue for you—our partner.

Here are some of the benefits that we can provide to you as a partner:

Inquiry fees: GEICO is so confident that we can bring a competitively-priced product with great customer service to your members; we will pay your organization for each inquiry your members generate with us, even if they choose not to buy a policy.

Sponsorship: We believe that by supporting your various events and programs you will be able to better engage and connect to your members. GEICO will provide an annual sponsorship to support you and your endeavors.

Advertising: Another way we are able to support you is by purchasing advertisements in magazines, newsletters, and journals.

Welcome pages: We will also provide a unique "welcome page" that links your members directly into our auto quote application. One of the unique features is pre-fill capability which identifies your association to us and saves your members time when they complete a free rate quote.

Events: GEICO speaks for itself. Who doesn't recognize our loveable Gecko®? With our brand recognition and fun advertising icons like the Caveman, we bring the party to you! How? It's simple. Through Gecko appearances, great giveaways, games, and an enthusiastic account manager, we excel at creating memorable events for your organization.