GEICO says renters insurance is a smart move for college students

Washington, D.C., September 09, 2013 – Classes are in full swing for college students across the country. Many have returned to school with electronic items such as laptops, mobile devices and televisions. Add to that furniture, clothing and personal belongings and students stand the chance to lose a lot in case of a theft, fire or water damage. If you live in a dorm room, rented apartment or shared house, GEICO recommends renters insurance for college students.

"A basic landlord policy does not cover personal property and personal belongings, which are almost always the responsibility of the tenant," said John Zinno, president of GEICO Insurance Agency. "College students are ideal candidates for renters insurance because it protects your items in the event of an unexpected loss such as fire, theft, water damage or personal injury."

Renters insurance is one of the most affordable types of insurance policies and protects renters well beyond what’s covered in a basic landlord’s policy. Renters insurance offers multiple coverage options for personal property against damage or loss, liability in case someone is injured, medical payments and optional coverage for more valuable items such as furniture, televisions, clothing jewelry and computers.

Zinno says that some items may be covered under their parent's insurance policy if students live in a dorm room. However, with off campus housing, things may differ.

"It’s always prudent to check out your policy so you will have a greater understanding of your coverage options," said Zinno.

Additionally, all renters should have an estimate of the value of their personal items if they ever need to be replaced.

"In a secure location, there should be a detailed list of your personal property including purchase prices, model and serial numbers and photos for documentation."

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