GEICO offers 5 good reasons why you should have renters insurance

WASHINGTON, D.C., March 24, 2015 – Imagine if you came home to your apartment and everything that you owned and cherished was stolen or damaged. How would you begin to replace everything and return your life to normalcy? If you're a renter, living without renters insurance, these are only a few of the potential risks you are faced with every day.

The GEICO Insurance Agency offers five good reasons why you should have renters insurance.

  • Protect your personal items – Take a moment to think about what you own and what's at risk in the event of an unexpected loss such as a theft, vandalism or fire in your home. Even if you think you do not own anything of value, can you afford to replace all of your personal belongings? Renters insurance covers the costs of replacing items such as clothing, furniture, televisions and electronic devices that can add up if they ever become damaged or stolen.
  • Some landlords require it – Personal property and personal belongings are almost always the responsibility of the tenant. Most landlords' insurance policies only cover the building structure and liability of the general area. As a condition of your lease agreement, some landlords require tenants to buy renters insurance before moving in.
  • Cover your temporary living expenses – If your place is damaged by a fire or another covered disaster and is deemed unlivable, what will you do? Where would you go? Renters insurance provides coverage for temporary living expenses known as "loss of use," and will reimburse you for food, hotel and any other related expenses that you incur during that time.
  • Everyone needs liability protection – Imagine if a guest slips and falls in your home and decides to sue you.  Defending against a lawsuit can be quite expensive. Renters insurance provides liability protection and covers the costs of any legal matters, injury claims or medical expenses associated with an accident in your home.
  • It's cheaper than you think – Renters insurance is one of the most affordable types of insurance policies. For the cost of a large pizza each month, renters insurance can provide you with a wide range of multiple coverage options. Your actual cost will depend on a number of factors, including how much coverage you will need, the type of coverage options you choose, your deductible amount and where you reside.

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