With summer approaching, GEICO has tips for safely sharing the road with pedestrians and cyclists

WASHINGTON, D.C., June 25, 2015 – Driving would certainly be easier if you were the only car on the road, but this is hardly the case. Each day, drivers need to remain alert for large trucks, buses and especially cyclists and pedestrians now that the summer months have arrived.

GEICO has a few reminders about sharing the road to keep everyone safe, whether you're in a passenger vehicle, on a bike or traveling afoot.

Watch for pedestrians*

  • In areas with heavy foot traffic, always obey the speed limits. It will give you more time to react if someone runs out in the street from in between two cars.
  • Always yield to pedestrians who have entered a crosswalk or who have a walk symbol; whether you are turning or proceeding straight in your car. Even if the walk symbol has expired, cars still must yield to any stragglers attempting to cross.

Stay alert for cyclists*

  • When traveling on roadways, bicycles must follow the same traffic laws as passenger vehicles such as riding with the flow of traffic and obeying all signals.
  • A car should leave at least three feet of space between a bike when passing. Only pass the bike if the road is clear of any oncoming traffic in the opposite lane.
  • When parallel parked on a street, check your mirrors before opening the car door. You could seriously injure a cyclist if you throw your door open right into the bike's path.
  • Don't tailgate a bike. Bikes only weigh a fraction of the amount of a car, and can stop much quicker, requiring a safe following distance to be maintained.

In addition to considering these tips for sharing the road, motorists should always remain focused on driving and not become distracted by smartphones or other items, which could lead to easily missing a bike or someone crossing the street.

*Sources: NHTSA, Metropolitan Police Department

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