GEICO offers tips for unfamiliar driving situations during holiday travel season

WASHINGTON, D.C., Dec. 16, 2015 – Your trip to grandma's house might not quite be over the river and through the woods, but you may drive on unfamiliar roadways or get behind the wheel of a different vehicle as part of your holiday travels. GEICO has a few tips to help travelers prepare for both scenarios.

Driving on unfamiliar roads

  • Plan your route in advance: Electronic GPS's come in handy when navigating a new route; however, it's always best to program them prior to driving, as recommended by the Department of Transportation. If you need to re-route your trip, pull over to a safe spot. Never try to change a GPS while driving, as it becomes a major distraction.
  • Remember turn signals: When traveling on new roads, it's always best to signal your intentions well in advance. This practice gives cars around you enough warning in case you need to slow down to look for a turn that's difficult to spot.
  • Avoid dangerous maneuvers: Missing a turn or an exit can happen to even the best drivers. Don't panic and try to make a hasty U-turn or back up on an exit ramp in this situation. Instead, proceed to a safe spot to turn around, or take the next exit and work your way back.

Driving a different vehicle

As part of your trip, you might have to rent a car to get to your final destination. Before hopping in and driving off, keep some of these considerations in mind.

  • Find something similar: The Network of Employers for Traffic Safety recommends looking for a rental car that's about the same size as the vehicle you own. It will eliminate the challenge of trying to acclimate to new dimensions.
  • Get oriented: After you're handed the keys, your first inclination will probably be to get moving. Prior to that, take a moment to properly adjust your seat and all the mirrors, and spend a few minutes learning the location of the vehicle's main controls, such as turn signals, windshield wipers, defroster and heating/cooling.

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