GEICO honors field representative Dempsey Ballard with Lifetime Achievement award

SAN ANTONIO, May 18, 2016 – GEICO has honored field representative Dempsey Ballard with a Lifetime Achievement award for his 46 years of strong leadership and an exemplary commitment to outstanding customer service. Mr. Ballard currently owns a GEICO local office at 1247 Northeast Loop 410 in San Antonio, but will retire from his role as a GEICO field representative later this year.

"I will always cherish my Lifetime Achievement Award from GEICO," Ballard said. "I am forever grateful for the rewarding career GEICO has given me. Watching this company grow from a small operation in the 1970s that used pens and paper to the country's second largest auto insurer and a technology leader is nothing short of amazing."

Mr. Ballard's career with GEICO has included a long list of noteworthy accomplishments, not dissimilar to his distinguished record of military service. Prior to joining GEICO in 1970, Mr. Ballard served in the Army Air Corp's 346 Fighter Squadron in Italy during World War II, where he flew a P-39 Air Cobra and P-47 Thunderbolt.

On Christmas Day in 1944, Ballard crash landed behind enemy lines and was captured by German soldiers. He was a prisoner until the war ended in May of 1945. Mr. Ballard stayed in the military until 1969 and retired as a Lt. Colonel from the U.S. Air Force.

However, Mr. Ballard was ready for anything but retirement, and he soon landed at GEICO as a field representative after responding to a newspaper ad in the San Antonio Express. Mr. Ballard hit the ground running and made a profound impact on the GFR program in a short amount of time. By the late 1970's, he owned and managed up to five offices in the San Antonio area.

During his tenure at GEICO, Mr. Ballard has won several awards and honors, including field representative of the year along with a number of recognitions for excellence in customer service. But, more importantly, Mr. Ballard is known for mentoring new field representatives, and has taught many his secrets to success.

"Dempsey is a man of integrity, a consummate gentleman and a role model for all GEICO field representatives," said Robin Burdick, vice president of the GFR program. "He truly embodies what Leo Goodwin envisioned when he founded Government Employees Insurance Company in San Antonio nearly 80 years ago. We wish Dempsey the best in his next chapter, and can't thank him enough for the difference he has made at GEICO."

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