GEICO asks fans to make responsible party decisions for the big game

WASHINGTON, D.C., Feb. 1, 2017 – The big game is almost here and legions of fans are making plans to catch the championship. Whether you're watching to cheer on your team, enjoy the halftime show, or catch some entertainment from the commercials, GEICO asks you to make smart decisions if you plan to party during the evening.

GEICO has the following tips for fans.

  • Leave the driving to someone else: Options include public transportation, cabs, or rideshare services. You can also assign a sober designated driver. Remember, being the designated driver means no drinks; not fewer drinks.
  • Pace yourself: Because the big game can last about four hours, take a break from the beverages to grab a bite to eat. Remember, your body can only process a small amount of alcohol at a time according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Over-indulging can easily overwhelm this process, and put the drinker at greater risk.
  • Keep an eye on fellow fans: If you're hosting a party, don't let fans drive who have clearly overindulged. If a guest drives impaired and causes an accident with property damage, injuries or death, you, the host who served the alcohol could be held liable and criminally charged.

The actual fine only makes up a small part of the cost of a DUI offense. After factoring in towing/impound fees, court costs, a lawyer, insurance rate hikes and expenses for alternate forms of transportation racked up while your license is suspended, and a DUI can soar to more than $10,000 according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

For more safety tips, visit GEICO's Safe Driving Resource Center.

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