GEICO reminds you to pick the proper bike size for safe riding

WASHINGTON, D.C., March 11, 2017 – Shaking the winter chill? Ready to put the wind in your face? Dreaming about a new bike? Usually a simple enough process—see the bike, touch the bike, think about all the fun you're going to have and the money you'll save riding your bike. Then you go to for your riding policy, and lastly tell everyone you will see them in November.

For some the process involves not only finding a bike, but one that properly fits your height and ability. Rider comparison charts are available for inseam to seat height ratio. For new riders both feet on the ground is a must. Any experienced rider will tell you that going fast is the easy part, but slow and in control is what makes you a better rider. Comfortably controlling your bike in a parking lot or at a stop light will allow you to focus on the joys of riding rather than your inability to control the bike.

Cruisers typically have the lower seat heights than sport bikes but most likely will weigh more. The bikes weight is mainly a factor in two areas for beginners. Being able to lift the bike up if it were to tip over and maneuvering around in parking areas or lights. Controlling your bike with one leg on the ground or on your tip toes is not the most confidence inspiring task. You should be able to comfortably reach the control levers or forward foot controls. All bikes will have some stock adjustments that the dealership can review and recommend.

Lastly GEICO reminds, do not let your buddy persuade you to ride something you are not ready to handle because "you will outgrow it in a year." Confidence in your riding ability is ultimately what will make "motorcycling" a lifelong hobby.

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