GEICO reminds you May is motorcycle safety month

WASHINGTON, D.C., April 28, 2017 – May is motorcycle safety month and GEICO is committed to reinforcing good motorcycling habits for long enjoyable rides.

Before you ride:

Whether you're a new or seasoned rider, it is never too late to hone your riding skills. Motorcycle safety courses are available for all levels of riding. Courses such as basic operation and riding techniques, to advance mastering the ride classes are offered by organizations like the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

Proper bike maintenance:Photo of GEICO's military bike

Tire pressure, clutch, brake and throttle operation, have the most influence on your control and safety. Under- or over- inflated tire pressure will cause the bike to handle differently. Proper clutch and throttle engagement provide a smooth ride, and being able to stop when you need to is always important.

Protective clothing:

Protective clothing includes a riding jacket, gloves, pants and boots. There are a variety of jackets available from leather to textile, vented to waterproof. Many come with reflective piping and armored pads if you want extra protection. Gloves can be padded gauntlets to fingerless style. Pants and boots offer protection from road debris and possible road scrapes. Today these products often have many hidden features including vents, waterproofing, reflective material and hidden pockets.

Arguably the most import protective wear is the helmet. Always make sure your helmet is DOT-approved and includes a face shield. This will help reduce wind noise and deflect air born debris. Eyewear should be ANSI (American National Standards Institute) approved, as they are shatter proof.

When purchasing riding gear the objective is comfortable and proper fitting clothing in the riding position. Loose or poorly fitting clothing may feel better when walking around but in the event you go down they will twist and not protect you as designed.

During your Ride:

Follow the rules of the road. Many motorcycle accidents are caused by a driver violating a rider's right of way. Ride defensively with your headlights on at all times, signal in advance and always watch for turning vehicles. The smaller size of a motorcycle makes it hard to be seen. Pass vehicles in the passing lane and give yourself enough time to brake. Avoid other vehicle's blind spots. Be aware of road hazards such as potholes, train tracks, oil slicks, road debris and animals. Any of these can be a problem for the most experienced rider.

For a short video on motorcycles safety, destination rides and other articles please visit GEICO More. Additional safety tips will ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable motorcycle season. Interested in a rate quote log onto

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