GEICO reminds you to have emergency plans

WASHINGTON, D.C., MAY 23, 2017 – It's never too late to have emergency plans unless you don't have one. Disasters of all kinds can strike at any time often with little to no warning and having an emergency plan in place may save you and your family's lives. GEICO offers these suggestions in creating an effective plan.

How to make an emergency/evacuation plan

  • Contact List – Include family, friends, work and school information. If the list is long, assign a call list to individuals.
  • Emergency Supply Kit – Identify essential items you and your family will need for three days or longer. Include medical supplies, assistive devices, food for your specific dietary needs, prescription medicines, diabetic supplies, batteries, phone charger.
  • Meeting Location – Designate meeting areas in and outside the neighborhood if you are separated from family. Have a regional meeting place as well just in case.
  • Map your Exit – Especially if you have younger children. Knowing the quickest and safest way out of your home will give them the confidence to act appropriately.
  • Evacuation Shelters – Know where evacuation shelters are located in your area.

Other things to consider would be shutting the power off before you leave your residence, additional transportation or mobility items needed for infants, seniors, and pets. Have money on hand if banks and ATMs are not accessible. Make a home inventory list in the event your property is damaged during the crisis.

Having simple plans in place will help eliminate confusion. In a critical situation knowing or not knowing what to do may make all the difference.

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