GEICO says motorcycle training is nothing new to the military

WASHINGTON, D.C., May 8, 2018 – One of the many reasons our military is prepared for anything is training. All branches require motorcycle training for service members who choose to ride, regardless of their riding ability. Like the military, most states require an approved motorcycle safety course and an education class for riders under the age of 18 in order to get a motorcycle license, just the same as if you were getting licensed for a car. GEICO and the military are committed to motorcycle safety beyond Motorcycle Safety Month in May.

As with the military, the more you train, the better your performance will be and the safer your ride. There are many on- and off-road riding courses and clinics open to the public year-round for all experience levels. Classes vary from one day to multiple days including classroom studies followed by several hours of actual riding. Some of the longer sessions may include administration of your riding test at the end.

Beginner course topics may include:

  • Look where you want to go
  • Countersteering
  • Use both brakes
  • Group riding tips
  • Keep the group to a manageable size
  • Formation
  • Encountering animals and road debris

Advanced courses may include:

  • Speed shifting
  • Maximum threshold braking
  • Trail braking into standard and decreasing radius turns
  • Chassis setup, tire choices, geometry optimization and suspension

The beauty of motorcycling is there is little between you and the open road, which is why you need to protect yourself as best you can. Motorcycle safety is prominent in May, but it is a year-round concern if you want a long-lasting hobby. Take advantage of not only these courses but also the advancements in bike, clothing, and mobile technologies to make your riding experience better than ever.

"We have been taking care of our military members since 1936," said Tom Garner, director of GEICO's Military sales and service. "We created a Military Service Center and filled it with U.S. veterans to provide those who are serving with a sense of comfort that they are all talking the same language. We can offer coverage options, military discounts and motorcycle safety discounts if they take the Motorcycle Safety Foundation classes. They can assist with both your motorcycle questions and with your military policy. We serve those who serve."

For other motorcycle related articles, please visit GEICO More. Additional safety tips will ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable motorcycle season.

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