For Digital Communications Trainer David Lujan, GEICO's Focus on Diversity & Inclusion Is Having A "Profound Affect"

On his very first day at GEICO, David Lujan, currently a digital communications trainer, experienced the occupational flexibility he sought and demonstrated the type of imprint he would leave on the company.

"When you start any position, it's so busy and hectic, it's not easy whatsoever. But you can master it. And, when you do, you can help other people," Lujan said.

In going through orientation, Lujan saw someone struggling to retain all the information. So, he brought up the concept of a morning study group to help that person, which would also not single that person out.

Caring about his coworkers wasn't new for Lujan—but being in an environment that allowed Lujan to do something outside the box was.

Being encouraged to start the study group was indicative of the type of place Lujan wanted to work – one where he was inspired to solve problems in new ways, and where there was camaraderie and respect among colleagues.

He found even more passion when he started training other associates to be successful.

"It's just a joy to come in every day when you can help other people and set them up for success," Lujan added.

Lujan has trained a lot of people—and sees their success as his success. He revels in seeing his new hires promote out early and eventually advance in their careers. Lujan's structure, dedication and love of training associates set him up for success—70+% of recent hires he trained are promoted in the first four weeks of phone time.

Eight years after starting the study group, Lujan still has the same passion. What keeps Lujan at GEICO is knowing that "we're all a big family and we help each other out," Lujan said.

When he gets new agents to train, he tells them, "I can choose to have a good day. Or I can choose the negative. But the way I choose to conduct myself, especially in leadership, will have an impact on so many other people. So, if I choose a good day, I'm making someone else's day better. It's a decision I make every day."

What makes GEICO so unique, in Lujan's eyes, is that, just because the company has done something one way, doesn't mean they always should. Throughout his career, he was encouraged to investigate other ways to do things. If the new way didn't work, learn why and use that to improve other projects and systems in the future.

He also likes to ensure expectations are realistic—"perfection is not possible." If you're striving to be perfect, you're setting up to fail.

Instead, an associate should set high goals, and, if they don't reach them, learn why and implement changes for the next project.

Lujan is excited for the future because of GEICO's willingness to try new things and grow. Lujan, who is active within GEICO LGBTQ+ employee groups, sees the company's pursuit toward Diversity & Inclusion as having a profound effect on making associates even more bonded to the company.

"GEICO has always been inclusive. But, with the new focus, the company is really putting that at the forefront and allowing people to be more honest and open with who they are," Lujan said.

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