Associate Jabree Bond-Flournoy: "I always recommend and refer people to GEICO because of the opportunities for advancement"

GEICO's Indianapolis Regional Office Increases Starting Salaries Significantly for Many Positions

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Nov. 23, 2021—GEICO significantly increased starting salaries for sales, customer service and claims positions at the company's Indianapolis regional office.

Sales and service associates at GEICO are licensed, professional insurance agents, provided with extensive training and continuing education. GEICO offers an excellent benefits package and is currently looking for energetic people who have a positive attitude, enjoy helping others and thrive in a dynamic environment.

Indianapolis Sales Supervisor, Jabree Bond-Flournoy came to GEICO for an internship before his senior year of college at the University of Indianapolis. As a business student, Bond-Flournoy was attending a job fair and saw the opportunity and applied. He was selected alongside 13 other Indianapolis college students.

"From day one, the internship was great because you had colleagues from all different backgrounds," said Bond-Flournoy. At the end of the internship, Bond-Flournoy received an offer from GEICO and accepted it.

"Getting that offer was a relief. First, I wanted to work at GEICO and, second, securing employment after graduation allowed me to focus on my senior year and playing basketball," said Bond-Flournoy.

At GEICO, Bond-Flournoy started in an accelerated management program, called the Management Development Program, in sales. "It was certainly fast-paced, but the training environment was amazing. Everyone was super helpful, including the other associates. We really helped each other," said Bond-Flournoy.

Still, once he completed the program, there was still learning to do. "When I started working directly with customers, you had to develop skills and instincts to ensure the customer is supported every step of the way," said Bond-Flournoy.

Now, Bond-Flournoy looks back and is thankful for his peers, mentors and managers who took him under their wing and helped him certify as an agent quickly. And just four years after he first entered the Indianapolis regional office, Bond-Flournoy is excited for all the possibilities GEICO provides. "One of the main selling points on GEICO is all the opportunities to lead and grow—and how the company lays out the steps to get to management," said Bond-Flournoy.

Advancement is great, but what keeps Bond-Flournoy at GEICO is, in his words, "The people. For a company as big as GEICO to see how much people care on a personal level is huge," said Bond-Flournoy.

Bond-Flournoy's experience is shared by many of his Indianapolis colleagues, according to Regional Vice President Yvonne Obeng-Curwood. "It's fantastic to see so many Hoosiers thrive at GEICO. We pride ourselves on training new associates and helping them advance their careers quickly—and, in so doing, opening up new opportunities like those we're hiring for now," said Obeng-Curwood.

A member of the Berkshire Hathaway family of companies, GEICO is a stable company that was founded 85 years ago. The company's Total Rewards benefits package includes health, dental and vision coverage, paid vacation and holidays, and continuing education and tuition reimbursement.

Bond-Flournoy has also taken advantage of the upward mobility to pick up a hobby. "During the pandemic, unlike some acquaintances, I had the stability and knew I could get into photography and videography. The equipment can be expensive, but I was confident that GEICO is stable. It was great to be able to have this to turn to," said Bond-Flournoy.

Recently, Bond-Flournoy was named the 2022 Summer Internship Coordinator. "I always recommend and refer people to GEICO because of the opportunities for advancement. A friend from college was working elsewhere after graduation and I referred him, he got the job and advanced quickly. I told him about the benefits, the family-oriented atmosphere and that you have a fast track to earn more money and be in management. It doesn't take 10 years," said Bond-Flournoy.

When asked what he tells people about GEICO, Bond-Flournoy answered, "We definitely care about saving customers money, but we equally care about the people. The benefits are amazing. And, it's dynamic. Every day is different. There is always something new GEICO is trying to improve the lives of associates and customers."

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