GEICO's recruiters are driven to set applicants up for success in the recruitment process. They know writing resumes and cover letters can be a daunting task, but you're not alone! Here are a few tips directly from one of our best recruiters, Danielle Gallagher in Woodbury, NY.

What do successful candidates include in their cover letter?

When it comes to a cover letter, successful candidates will personalize and tailor it to the position and address it to a specific person/recruiter. The purpose is to express one's interest and specific qualifications for the position and allows for the opportunity to expand on your resume. The candidate will use the first paragraph to answer the question "Why them" while the second paragraph will answer the "Why You" question. They will use the last paragraph to reiterate their interest and strengths and inquire about the next steps.

My advice would be to make sure you are proof reading it before sending, and making sure you are selling your qualifications and how you will fit in the organization.

What do successful candidates include in their resumes?

Successful candidate resumes are usually ones that have an organized and easy to follow layout which usually include a bulleted format. They include the most important information at the top which in most cases is their education information, followed by work history and leadership experience and awards/honors or volunteer efforts. It is important to make sure the job titles and leadership roles stand out and are easily identifiable and quantify your success using specific numbers.

It is best to keep the resume to 1 page, and include the most recent work experience. In terms of vocabulary, one should utilize a variety of power verbs to start each bullet point to avoid repetition. The best advice I can give to ensure an effective resume that will stand out is to be clear concise, proof read it and utilize your career center!