Thinking about working in insurance? We've got good news!

From life and health to home and auto, insurance companies provide peace of mind by assisting customers and their loved ones in cases of accidents, natural disasters and other losses.

Insurance, a stable yet dynamic industry, offers a wide range of interesting jobs, rewarding career paths and professional development opportunities. From administrative support to management training programs, from careers in sales to information technology—anything you want to do in business, you can in the insurance industry!

A Stable Industry

  • As long as people continue to live longer, require healthcare, and own cars and homes, insurance will be essential to everyday living. Insurance is already a part of many Americans' lives
  • In the United States, auto insurance coverage is required in all 50 states which help to support the stable nature of our business and the career opportunities that we offer.

A Dynamic Industry

  • Competition among auto insurance companies is ever-present and increasing.
  • Changes in laws and state insurance regulations constantly challenge insurance companies to reevaluate their products and pricing.
  • Advances in technology are improving the ways in which insurance companies conduct their business, service their customers and safeguard information.
  • Unfortunately, accidents happen with little to no warning. Insurance companies have to anticipate and react in cases of collisions, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters.
  • The severity and frequency of unpredictable occurrences contribute to the dynamic nature of the insurance business.

An Industry With Opportunity

  • Insurance companies grow and thrive in small towns and large cities all across the country.
  • Large insurance companies offer different career paths with opportunities for advancement. You can have more than just a job in insurance—you can truly build a long-term career.
  • Within the insurance industry, there are a number of earned designations, professional licenses, and continuing education courses to further develop your skills and expertise.
  • Industry professionals have the opportunity to utilize many skills, including communication, technical, analytical, organizational and problem-solving. They analyze data, use cutting-edge technologies, conduct research, interact with customers, investigate situations, lead teams and so much more.

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