What sets GEICO apart from our competition?

One key factor is our ability to provide outstanding customer service throughout the insurance claims handling process. Accidents and other disasters can be traumatic experiences, and it takes a special person to empathize, listen, and assist customers during these situations. If you're looking for a career that makes a difference in people's lives...Claims may be right for you!

As a Claims Representative, you will:

  • Be the first point of contact for customers involved in accidents
  • Deliver on GEICO's promise "to be there" when policyholders needs us most
  • Verify accident facts, determine policy coverage, and review insurance contracts
  • Help settle claims where there are no injuries and everyone agrees to the accident details

As a Liability Claims Representative, you will:

  • Investigate more complex claims that involve liability disputes
  • Interact with policyholders, claimants, medical insurers, and body shops
  • Verify facts of the accident, review supporting case files, and negotiate settlements

Claims Career Paths

We're looking for great people.

Our Claims department offers fascinating career paths, and associates are eligible for raises and promotions based upon their performance. Top performers in Claims are rewarded with an annual trip and other gifts.

Some offices recruit for higher-level claims positions and/or offer fast-track leadership programs with a focus in insurance claims. Successful Claims associates at GEICO possess outstanding customer service, problem-solving and time management skills.

Get a snapshot into GEICO's claims careers. You can save the PDF to your computer or share the link with a job-seeking friend!

Benefits & Perks

GEICO offers a comprehensive benefits package to preserve your health and insure your future.

Meet Our Team

Regina Photo

Associate since 1994

What do I do at GEICO?

I investigate claims and determine who is at fault. I also handle injury claims. I take recorded statements about the accident from the parties involved; including details about the accident and injuries or treatment they have received or plan to receive. We have to follow up with the injured parties to obtain the medical documentation for review, so we can properly handle their injury claim.

What do I like best about working for GEICO?

There are a lot of good things about working for GEICO. The benefits are very good, and it is located close to my home. But best of all, my fellow associates, supervisors, and managers are great people to work with and to work for.

Caroline Photo

Associate since 1998

What do I do at GEICO?

My role as a claims adjuster is to investigate accident claims to the best of my ability with the information I have available and make an intelligent liability decision. It is important to keep the customer informed and handle the claim promptly and correctly. And, that's exactly what we do.

What do I like best about working for GEICO?

There are so many great things about working for GEICO! First and foremost are the great benefits which include healthcare, Profit Sharing, and tuition reimbursement. GEICO also provides comprehensive job training. Combine the job training with the self-development courses and tuition reimbursement offered, and you have all the tools you need to succeed. Overall, GEICO's career paths in claims are exceptional!