Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does GEICO sell its products through insurance brokerages or independent agencies; can I represent GEICO and other insurance companies at the same time?

    No, GEICO never sells its products through insurance brokerages or independent agencies. GFRs are exclusive agents for GEICO and partner companies and are not allowed to represent other insurance companies that compete with GEICO and partner companies in any way. GFRs are permitted, with prior approval by GEICO, to sell insurance not offered by GEICO and partner companies.

  • Are GFRs employed by GEICO?

    No, GFRs are not GEICO employees. GFRs are "1099" contractors for GEICO.

  • What markets are available for GFR appointments—will GEICO consider opening a GFR office in my desired location?

    No, the only markets available for GFR appointments are those listed on our recruiting website. Senior management has chosen only these markets for strategic purposes and no other locations will be considered at this time.

  • Does GEICO offer insurance licensing courses in preparation for GFR appointments?

    No, GEICO does not offer an insurance licensing program for GFR appointments. Almost all GFR candidates are already licensed before the GFR application process but the few who are not must go through their State insurance licensing division to complete licensing requirements.

  • How much does it cost to start a GFR agency and does GEICO offer loans or advanced commissions to help with start-up costs?

    Generally start-up costs for a new GFR agency range between $100,000 and $200,000, depending on the market. Some cost less than $100,000 and some cost more than $200,000, but the $100,000 to $200,000 range is generally a good indication of the cash a new GFR needs to get into business. For example, normal start-up costs are office leases, office build-outs, equipment, employee expenses, marketing and advertising, insurance, phone service, and all those things that are necessary to open and run a business. GEICO does not offer any loans or advanced commissions to help with general start-up costs—successful GFR candidates have saved money in preparation for the opportunity to start-up a business

  • How are GFRs paid by GEICO?

    GFRs are paid solely by new business and renewal business commission for the insurance premium they generate. The commission payment is an ACH transaction made once a month, normally by the 4th business day each month.

  • Who owns the GEICO book of business produced by GFRs?

    GEICO owns the book of business—there is no GFR "equity" in the business.

  • What is the GFR business model?

    GFRs are entrepreneurs who go into business to represent GEICO and property partners exclusively. Their primary role is to prospect and generate insurance leads and policies that GEICO would otherwise not capture. GFRs lease or own their retail storefront offices with excellent drive by visibility. These storefronts and the hours of operation encourage walk-in customers but most GFR new policies are sold over the phone. GFRs hire, train, and pay their employees who are licensed, professional insurance counselors. GFRs on average employ 5 to 6 employees. GEICO trains and supports new GFRs on GEICO procedure and policy but it's the GFR's responsibility to train her/his employees. GFRs lease GEICO configured and maintained PCs that are a part of the GEICO network for their sales and service applications, and purchase designated VOIP phone systems for quality control purposes. One of many GFR benefits is an outstanding co-operative advertising program that reimburses GFRs a minimum of 50% of their approved advertising.

  • What is the process to get a GFR appointment?

    Candidates competing for an appointment are interviewed, screened with criminal and financial background checks, and recommended to the GEICO officer in charge based on characteristics that point to business success. This officer is the only one who has authority to offer an appointment. The process is deliberate and intentional to support the best outcome for both GEICO and the candidate.

  • What is the template for a successful GFR?

    Successful GFRs are sales professionals who are confident, competitive men and women who have prepared to go into business by saving money to start their own business. These are individuals who thrive on opportunities/challenges year in and year out and never tire of the satisfaction of closing the sale. Generally they are optimists with personal goals for success in life—they see the intrinsic value in representing a Berkshire Hathaway company and understand nothing good comes easy. Probably the most common thread among successful GFRs is their desire to win through strategic advertising in their market and keen business acumen

Apply to be a GFR

Property and casualty license required. Email, mail or fax your resume to:

GFR Sales Management
One GEICO Plaza
Washington, D.C. 20076
Fax: 855-294-0019

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