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GEICO Local Agents have a comprehensive understanding of our insurance products and are licensed to provide sound, professional insurance advice to customers. Read more from three successful local agents who are not only local business owners, but are also community partners.

"I don't feel that being a GEICO Local Agent is a job. It's truly a career..."
- Trenea Smart


Bakersfield, California

There are no typical days as a local agent...each day is its own new adventure! Most days, I am out in the community marketing my local GEICO office. I visit car dealerships, RV and motorcycle dealers, and mortgage companies. My team and I also do a lot of targeted marketing in our area. We talk up GEICO wherever we go!

I like being associated with a great company like GEICO. Everyone loves our advertising, the Gecko, and our presence in the community. Also, because we are so competitively priced, we're able to save customers money. I don't feel that being a local agent is a job. It's truly a career in an exciting industry. I have the privilege of being associated with some of the best professionals in the industry!

Each day is enjoyable and I love coming to work. Owning a GEICO local office has been the highlight of my working career.


Spring, Texas

I learned about the opportunity to become an agency owner while working as a GEICO sales supervisor in Dallas. Having worked for GEICO, I knew what a great company I would be representing. I was very excited to learn I was selected for the position and immediately got to work on signing a lease and hiring my team. The first three and a half years have been great!

A typical day in the local office consists of a quick meeting with my team to review the prior day's results and goals for the week. Following the morning meeting, I do some administrative work such as analyzing sales metrics, placing advertisements, and answering correspondence. The rest of the day is spent coaching my staff and assisting our customers. I focus on providing outstanding service and products to both new and existing customers, and from that focus, I have seen my business grow.

I like being my own boss! The success or failure of my office rests on my shoulders. It is rewarding to put in the work and see the results. GEICO has been very supportive providing the resources and training needed for my business to succeed.


Miami, Florida

I have been in the South Florida insurance industry for more than a decade. When I got the opportunity to represent GEICO in my hometown, it was the chance of a lifetime! GEICO gives you the support to grow your own business with the full backing of this incredible company.

GEICO's reputation, financial strength and dedication to the customer make it such that all GEICO Local Agents know that the products they're selling will be there to fulfill and protect the policyholders' needs.


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