Make the leap from campus to corporate.

We love sharing our CEO's story: more than 50 years ago, Tony Nicely began his GEICO career as a clerk and then worked his way up. There are many people who share similar stories, including associates who first launched their careers as interns.

Devon H.

Devon H.
2015 San Diego, California Intern

  • Graduated from San Diego State University
  • Started full-time in the Management Development Program in July 2015

What is your favorite GEICO commercial and why? GEICO camel commercial because it is hilarious! On Wednesdays, you will always see associates wearing “Hump Day” shirts here in San Diego adding to the great culture we have.

Alex G.

Alex G.
2013 San Diego, California Intern

  • Graduated from University of the Pacific
  • Started full-time in the Emerging Leaders Program in August 2014

What advice do you have for someone graduating this year? "I have a flat tire." I am originally from England so people always ask me if I am the voice of the Gecko and reference this commercial. I always say "Yes, I am."

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