Resources For ATV Riders

If your idea of the perfect Saturday afternoon is hitting a new trail and kicking up some dirt, you're in good company. To make sure your ride is both safe and enjoyable, we've gathered some of the best resources for riders.

New to ATVs?

Whether you're new to the trails or want to brush up on your safety knowledge, you may be eligible for a free ATV safety course. To enroll or find out if you are eligible visit the ATV Safety site or call (800) 887-2887.

You can also obtain free ATV educational materials at:

ATV Safety Institute
2 Jenner Street, Suite 150
Irvine, CA 92618

Traveling With Your ATV

There's nothing like taking your ATV out and exploring, but before you load your ride onto the trailer, be sure to check out the state's ATV laws. Over 40 states have already passed safety laws such as helmet use and age restrictions.

Whether you're riding a trail that's in the next state or down the street, it's important to remember to "Tread Lightly." Tread Lightly is a government program created to inform the public of how to ride responsibly and carefully in order to protect and preserve riding areas. 

Additional ATV Resources

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