ATV Theft Insurance

Homeowners are often surprised to learn that their homeowners insurance policy will not typically cover their ATV in the event it is stolen. With the chances of ATV theft growing and the cost of a new ATV reaching five figures, making sure your ATV investment is safe and secure is a major concern. Here are a few steps to reduce your risk.

  • ATV theft insurance is usually required by the bank only if the ATV is fully financed, but you might want to consider it as an addition to your standard ATV insurance policy just to be safe.

  • Keep photos, receipts and serial numbers for all repairs and purchases related to the ATV.

  • Don't park the ATVs where everyone can see them; instead, park the ATVs in a garage or shed and cover them.

  • Check up on your ATV, even when it is stored away. "Out of sight, out of mind" is an old adage that emphasizes how easy it is to forget about your ATV during the off season or when it is not in use. It can be weeks before you even know it's missing, which greatly reduces the chance of catching those responsible for the theft.

  • Chain and Lock. Although there isn't a perfect solution to ATV theft, making the process of stealing it more difficult can greatly reduce the risk of stolen property. Use a chain and/or lock, even when storing in the garage or shed. Although ATVs are expensive items, most thieves prefer easy targets.

The above-listed tips are for informational use only. Refer to your insurance policy contract for specific information regarding your coverages and for actual terms, conditions and exclusions. The above statements are general in nature and may or may not reflect the actual terms of your insurance policy.