Car Safety Tips

How do you measure up when it comes to auto safety? Follow this quick checklist to find out and then begin implementing any items that need improvement. Remember safe driver discounts can help keep your auto insurance rates low.

  1. I drive within the speed limit.
  2. I come to a complete stop at all intersections.
  3. I slow down if I see an accident or the weather is bad.
  4. I always lock my car even when stepping out for a few minutes.
  5. I store my car in the garage at home.
  6. I always park in a well-lit area.
  7. I keep my spare key in a safe yet easily remembered location.
  8. I never leave my car running if I'm out of the car.
  9. I always hide my valuables including GPS, stereo system, cell phone or other items.
  10. I never leave mail or other documents visible in my car.
  11. I have installed a LoJack or other security system device on my vehicle.
  12. I never talk on my cell phone when driving.