Shop For A Safe Car

One of the best ways to get an auto insurance quote is to shop for a safe car. With makes and models changing each year, it can be tough to keep up with which cars are the best choices. Here is what to look for when shopping for a safe vehicle of any age or type.

  1. Check the Highway Safety Ratings at This is the leading organization responsible for conducting the safety ratings on the most popular makes and models of cars each year.
  2. Size, weight and design. When it comes to automobile insurance, size can matter. Although economical, smaller cars tend to do worse in an accident than larger vehicles. Look for economical vehicles with a stronger structural design.
  3. Restraint systems. Airbags, head restraints and seat belts save lives. Always use as indicated and maintain in proper working order for the driver and all passengers.
  4. Anti-lock brakes. Skids, slips and slides lead to accidents and injuries, so the ability to maintain control is a valuable asset. Just be sure you know how to drive using anti-lock brakes to get the best benefit from the feature.
  5. Daytime running lights. Visibility makes a difference at any time of the day, but daytime running lights are probably a better option than the flashy paint job.