Keep it Clean - Go Green

Environmental issues concern everyone, but boaters have first-hand knowledge of how cleanliness and a few good manners can go a long way. Nothing is worse than returning to a favorite spot only to find it polluted and littered with trash. When spending a day out on the water, you begin to feel like an unpaid trash collector after hauling away your third pile of debris. Find out how you can enjoy your part to keep it clean.

  • Pack up what you bring. Keep track of what you bring into the area and make sure to pack up the same amount when leaving ... better yet, help the local environment by collecting any other trash left behind by others.
  • Carry a spill kit. Hopefully you won't need to use it but be responsible in the event of an accident.
  • Avoid sensitive areas. Allow nature the space to do what it does best, support and sustain life without interruption. By using designated boat ramps and staying within traffic areas you reduce the impact on wildlife, erosion and natural cycles of plants and animal life.
  • Your boat policy may automatically include fuel spill and pollution liability, as well as salvage and wreck removal up to the value of the boat.