How To Buy Boat Insurance

Buying a boat insurance policy requires a little advanced planning, especially if you hope to get the best boat insurance quotes possible. Follow these quick steps to make the process painless and get the coverage you need.

  • Convenience. Before calling all the boat insurance companies in the yellow pages consider the type of company you want to do business with. Look for a reputable company like GEICO that already handles your other insurance needs. Having to deal with one company for everything keeps it so simple that, "even a caveman can do it."
  • Know what you need. Surprisingly a lot of boat owners don't know exactly what type of coverage they need—especially for older boats, customized boats or out-of-the-ordinary watercraft. Not all boat insurance agents work with every type of boat. Take a few minutes and write down the make, model, year and other pertinent information about your boat.
  • Understand the policy. Don't be afraid to ask questions about what is covered including accessories, trailers and other equipment.
  • Accessible. Only deal with a boat insurance agency that is accessible nationwide 24/7. What good is boat coverage if you can't reach an agent on a Sunday afternoon during spring break?
  • Keep a copy of your policy. Whenever boating be sure to bring a copy of your insurance policy and contact information to file a claim.