Common Boat Buying Mistakes

Before buying a boat there are a few things you need to know and understand. Even more important than how to shop for a boat is how not to buy a boat.

  • Do not go boating and fall in love. Chances are you already lost your bearings and are heading in unchartered waters but at least try to remain objective before running to your nearest marine dealer.
  • Do not visit a boat show to shop. Boat shows are not the place to shop for your first boat. Leave your wallet at home.
  • Do not buy more boat than you can handle. Bigger is not always better—but it is more maintenance.
  • Do not take it home now. Know what you are buying and the full cost of boat ownership prior to making a purchase. Obtain quotes for boat insurance rates, storage and other fees before making your final decision.
  • Do not make a bad match. Boats are like people—each has a distinctive personality and character (Need proof? Why do you really think they name boats?), so make sure you find the boat that meets all your needs today and tomorrow.