What Does Your Boat Say About You?

Boat insurance is just one more cost of owning a boat that non-boat owners might not understand. The upkeep, maintenance and cost of ownership always leads to the same question: "Why not just rent a boat?" Of course, it takes a boat lover to understand; after all, boaters are a special and diverse breed. You can learn a lot about a person by taking a look at his or her boat.

For example:

  • Ship-wrecked. Need we say more? A boat out of water could be a sign of distress.
  • Love Boat. Yes, love is in the air for this floating dish of delight.
  • Tugboat. Strong and willing to lend a helping hand, this no-nonsense work horse earns respect everywhere it goes.
  • Power Boat. Impressive but prone to change direction on a dime, this hot-shot is here today and gone tomorrow.
  • Cutter. Steer clear of these sleek lines unless you can maintain control.
  • Lifeboat. A true life-saver in good times or bad.
  • Miss GEICO. Check out GEICO's own racing team!

GEICO may not be able to explain your love of boats to friends and relatives, but we can help you make sure you have one of the most competitive boat insurance rates available.