The Do-It-Yourself Personality Profile

Do you love do-it-yourself, DIY, projects? Spend weekends walking the aisles of local hardware stores? All that sweat equity sure pays off when it comes to maintaining your home and property, so be sure to purchase homeowners insurance that protects your investment. Find out your DIY Personality Profile.

New Home Owner: This type of DIY is urged on by a sense of necessity. They have just bought their first home! Now it is time to mow the yard, clean the pool and make small repairs. The act of purchasing all the tools, equipment and supplies could either leave the new home DIY owner a little nervous or excited about tackling on home repair projects.

Retiree: This DIY expert is friendly enough to be known on a first-name basis by hardware store employees throughout a 50-mile radius. No job is too small or inconsequential that it doesn't require a second or even third opinion and each completed task is the beginning of five more.

Weekend Worker: The Weekend DIY Worker is characterized by bursts of inspiration brought on by glossy magazine articles or a random drive-by encounter followed by an early morning trip to the local hardware store. After spending half the day at the hardware store and maxing out the remaining credit card balance, the weekender has just enough time to unload the new items into the garage before putting a few steaks on the grill. The following day it invariably rains. You can recognize Weekenders by the number of unfinished projects and great garage sales of practically new items.

Landlord/Investor: This DIY is the king of subtle. They own every tool known to mankind and they know how to use them ... if they could just find them. Invariably they drive an old pick-up truck to the local hardware store to buy whatever is needed -- again -- to get the job done.

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