Caring For Your Personal Watercraft

Owning your own personal watercraft (PWC) gives you so many opportunities for fun and excitement during the long, hot summer months. PWCs, like Jet Skis, Wave Runners and Sea Do's, aren't just limited to the ocean. You can enjoy these vehicles on large lakes and ponds as well.

Like anything, ownership of a PWC isn't all fun and games. There is personal watercraft insurance to buy, storage spaces to consider and cleaning and maintenance needs to understand. To help make your summer a little more fun, here are some quick and easy care and storage tips for your new PWC.

Cleaning and maintaining your PWC.

Body: After use, be sure to clean all plant and dirt residue from your PWC. If you use your PWC in salt water, wash it with fresh water after use. Be sure to keep your PWC waxed and sealed.

Engine: Make sure the engine of your PWC has enough coolant to avoid overheating. It's also important to monitor oil levels in your PWC.

Battery: Most PWC batteries are maintenance-free. Keep an eye on your battery and watch for corrosion or leaking battery fluids. If you find corrosion, be sure to brush it off with a wire brush and rinse the battery with fresh water.

Storing Your PWC

There are many options for storing your personal watercraft. There are offsite marinas and storage facilities you can use for long-term or seasonal storage. You also have the option of storing your PWC at your personal residence if you have appropriate storage space. Whether storing onsite or off, be sure to cover your PWC and protect it from dust. Do not store your PWC in the water.