Safety Precautions When Towing People With A PWC

Jet skis offer options for both solitary and group fun. One of the activities you can enjoy as a group with a jet ski or other personal watercraft involves towing your friends and family members so they can have some extreme water skiing and wakeboarding action. But 'fun' is only really fun when the safety precautions are followed and injury is avoided. While the municipality over the water you jet ski in will have its own rules to be observed, here are some basic safety tips.

For The Driver

Minimize distractions: Jet skiing on your own is completely different than towing someone while you jet ski. When you are operating a jet ski and someone is wakeboarding, water skiing or tubing behind you, your priority should be to pay attention to your surroundings and ensure the safety of the person you tow. Stay focused on the water ahead and don't become distracted by sightseeing, horsing around or attempting stunts.

Don't cut corners too short: Your goal as a driver should be to create a fun and safe experience for the person you are towing. Do not cut corners short or the person you tow could be thrown from the surface of the water.

General Safety

Have a spotter: There should be another person on the watercraft keeping an eye on the person being towed. He or she can then alert the driver of any problems and the driver will be able to stay focused on the water ahead.

Leave an empty seat: Your watercraft should have one empty seat for the person you are towing. This allows them a safe place to sit should something go wrong on the water.