Moving Time

Oh, the joys of moving. There's so much to think about – packing boxes, telling the bank, saying good-byes. A checklist can really help keep you on task as you go through your move. Check out our frequently asked questions, they may help you along the way.

Are you moving in the same state?

If you are moving to another location in the same state, updating your policy is easy – just download the GEICO Mobile app and you can quickly update your address there. You can also update your address by logging into your account on Your premium may change based on your new location, but we keep everything else on your policy consistent. If you aren't already insured with GEICO get an online quote now.

Remember to contact your DMV to let them know you moved so you can get an updated license and vehicle registration. Then notify your bank, USPS, and anyone who sends you mail.

Moving into a New State

Moving into a new state can seem like a lot of work. Instead of just updating your address, you may need to get a new license, update your vehicle registration, return and/or get new vehicle plates, and sometimes fill out state-specific paperwork. That's why we are here to help.

As far as insurance coverage, each state has its own specific laws and regulations regarding coverages and available discounts. Check out our state information page to learn more about your new home. State differences can cause your premium to increase or – hopefully – decrease. Some states also have different rules around your driver's license, registration, and tags. Check your state DMV page to take the right steps and avoid any potential fees or penalties.

Don't forget to update your policy with your new address in the GEICO Mobile app or on We'll let you know if you need to verify or provide any additional information. If you don't have GEICO insurance get a car insurance quote now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will moving change my premium?

    Moving may change your premium. We base rates on your location, state laws, coverages, and various other factors. States may require different insurance coverage types and amounts.

  • What if I'm moving, but only for a little while?

    If you move for less than 6 months, we consider it temporary so you don't need to tell us. If you are moving for 6 months or more, we do need to update your policy.

  • Will my discounts or Accident Forgiveness carry over?

    It depends. Discounts, premium reductions, and benefits are subject to state laws, so they are sometimes not available in your new location. On the other hand, you may be eligible for different discounts. Check out our auto insurance discounts.

  • Will I owe additional premium on my current policy period if I move?

    Your new bill may be a little higher or lower based on the timing of your move and other factors that affect your premium.

  • Will my billing due date change?

    There is no impact if you moved within the same state. If you move states, then your billing date may change.

  • What do I do with my tags or registering my vehicle?

  • Will my policy number change?

    Not usually, but it might. One instance in which it may change is if you have a more complex transaction. An example would be if you have multiple vehicles and they are in different states.

  • How will my drivers and vehicles be affected?

    Unless you make changes, your drivers and vehicles will likely remain on your policy.

  • What happens with my policy when I move states?

    We may rewrite your policy for a new term to meet the state's requirements and regulations. It may affect your billing due dates and your rates.

  • What if I bought another home and/or my vehicles will be in different places?

    Call our team at (800) 207-7847. We're experts at making those complicated changes to your policy so that you are fully covered.