The Risks Of Driving While Intoxicated

Driving While Intoxicated

As a new driver, you need to sharpen your skills to be a safe driver. Research shows that consuming just one drink or smoking one joint affects concentration, perception, coordination and reaction time.

Is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol worth it?

Before you answer that question you should know the following:

  • Underage drinking and drug use is illegal
  • These laws are strictly enforced

Just remember, as much fun as it may be to party, being the person that got a DWI is not cool. Be smart and always make sure you have a designated driver.

What can happen?

  • If you buy alcohol or drugs, have them in your possession or are caught using them, you can face a fine and have your license suspended or revoked
  • If you drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs or drive while intoxicated, you can be fined, sentenced to do community service, and have your license suspended or revoked
  • If you have a fake I.D., you can be fined
  • If you tamper with your driver's license, you can be heavily fined and even face jail time

In all states, repeated offenses carry escalating penalties. Repeat offenders:

  • Could be placed in a detention facility
  • Could be placed in a residential facility
  • Could be placed in a weekend intervention program for referrals to treatment

Repeat offenders could be placed on probation which may include:

  • Restricted use of a car
  • Forbidden use of alcohol or illegal drugs
  • Mandatory submission to searches
  • Giving information about others
  • No travel without permission
  • Following a curfew
  • Limited access to certain places and persons
  • Providing blood or urine samples

Administrative License Suspension (ALS)

Though the exact wording of administrative license suspension (ALS) laws varies by state, these laws generally permit police to confiscate the license of any driver who fails a chemical test for alcohol or refuses to take one. If the suspension is not appealed or if the appeal fails, the license is suspended for up to one year. Longer suspensions can be triggered for repeat violators.