Driving Contract For Parents And Teens

parent handing keys to teenage girl in car

GEICO's contract helps parents and teens focus on safety.

This parent-teen driving contract will help parents and teens focus on safe driving habits. Parents and teens should sit down and discuss these recommendations. This way everyone knows the rules and sticks to them.

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Parents: If you've just added a new teen driver to your auto policy, we at GEICO know this can be both a stressful and rewarding time for you and your teen. Here are some practical tips to help put your teen on the road to safe driving. And since you play such a big role in your teen's driving habits, there are some very important things you can do to help.

Teens: Take extra precautions and develop the right habits at the very start of your driving career—especially during the first 6 months of solo driving. This is when teens are at the highest risk for accidents and when most new driver crashes occur.

*Print this page and use it as a contract between parents and teens to ensure safe driving and good examples.

GEICO Recommendation: First 6 Months Of Solo Driving

Requirements For Teens

Parents, use this as a guide to prepare your teen for their first 6 months of driving. Grade their performance in each category at the end of the trial period.

  • Safety Belts: ALWAYS uses them!
  • Teen Passengers (check state regulations): None in the car
  • Night Driving: Not after 9pm
  • Distractions: No text messaging and no cell phone use while driving (in an emergency, pull off safely to the side of the road)
  • Weather: Parents need to provide adequate practice sessions in all types of weather
  • Speeding: Prohibited entirely
  • Other considerations (parents decide): (list additional restrictions here)

Requirements For Parents

Teens, it's just as important that your parents set a good example. We've compiled this list of items that you need to observe and ask questions about.

Did your parent(s):

  • Always wear a safety belt?
  • Practice defensive driving techniques?
  • Avoid driving aggressively?
  • Refrain from using a cell phone while driving?
  • Never drink and drive?

We agree that these recommendations are very important for new drivers.

As a teen, I agree to follow the recommendations because safe driving is a skill that takes time to learn.

Teen signature and date:

As a parent, I agree to provide the necessary leadership and to demonstrate defensive driving.

Parent signature and date: