Connecticut Registration Information

The Constitution State

New to Connecticut? Register your vehicle.

If the vehicle is not currently registered, prior to transporting your vehicle, you will first need to proceed to your local Full Service or Satellite DMV Office and obtain a temporary registration. Please see Requirements for Obtaining a Temporary Registration for Inspection Purposes.

Once you have obtained a temporary registration, an emissions test and vehicle identification number (VIN) verification is required, which are performed at the emissions station.

Vehicles that are exempt from emissions testing will require a VIN verification at a Full Service DMV Branch Office, with the exception of the Norwalk Office.

A Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) will be completed by the emissions technician and a copy of the report will be given to you. The VIR must be presented to the DMV when applying for a permanent registration.

Once you have had your emissions test and VIN verification completed, you will need to:

  • Proceed to your local Full Service or Satellite DMV Office and submit the out-of-state Certificate of Title (which must show assignment of ownership) and motor vehicle Registration Certificate.
  • Present the VIR or VIN verification report.
  • Complete Application for Registration and Certificate of Title, (form H-13).
  • Provide your Social Security Number.
  • Provide your current Connecticut Insurance Identification Card, which can be obtained from your insurance company. The insurance card must be in the name of registered owner(s) of vehicle.
  • Identification will be required to register a vehicle. Please see list of Acceptable Forms of Identification. Photocopies of identification are acceptable, if the registrant does not appear in person.