Pennsylvania Registration Information

The Keystone State

Moved to Pennsylvania?

In order to register your vehicle(s), you will need to bring the following items to a Pennsylvania DMV office:

  • A valid title for all of the vehicles you want to register in Pennsylvania, issued in your name, from your previous state.
  • Proof of Pennsylvania insurance, such as a valid insurance identification card, declaration page of an insurance policy, a copy of a valid binder or a copy of an application for insurance to the Pennsylvania Assigned Risk Plan for all of the vehicles you will be registering. These documents must indicate both effective and expiration dates.
  • Form of personal identification.
  • Completed Form MV-1. This is a restricted form and is not available on-line. You must obtain from a messenger, tag agency or any Driver and Vehicle Service Center location.
  • A tracing of the vehicle identification number (VIN) or the verification of the VIN by an inspection mechanic or notary public at a dealership or issuing agent.
  • Appropriate title, lien, registration fees and sales tax (if applicable). Make checks or money orders payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Please do not send cash.
  • If you are titling and registering a leased vehicle, the leasing company will also be required to complete Form MV-1L. NOTE: A Power of Attorney may be required from the leasing company.