Rhode Island Registration Information

The Ocean State

Register Your Vehicle in Rhode Island?

You need to complete and sign an Application for Registration and Title (TR-1).

  • If there is a lien against the vehicle, please make sure the lienholder information is complete and accurate, including lienholder name and address.
  • After verifying all information, sign the TR-1 application. You may have the form notarized yourself, or with proper identification such as your RI license, the DMV clerks can notarize for you.
  • Along with the completed TR-1 application, you must submit the following documents:
  1. A Manufacturer's Statement of Origin (new vehicles only). Or, the previous owner's title, if a titled vehicle (ten years and newer)and a bill of sale , OR
  2. The bill of sale, if a non-titled vehicle and proof of ownership (such as old title, copy of the previous registration or copy of tax bill) from the person who sold you the vehicle.
  • If you do not have proof of ownership from the previous owner, you can obtain the registration record from the DMV's Pawtucket branch for a fee of $10.00.
  • If presenting the Certificate of Origin or the previous owner's title, be sure the date sold, the odometer reading and the purchase price have been completed on the back. The dealer or the previous owner(s) and you must sign the back of either of these forms.
  • A 7% sales tax will be collected at this time based on the purchase price of the dealer sale.
  • After completing the transaction, you will receive a registration certificate, new plates and expiration stickers. The title will be processed and mailed in approximately 90 days. If you have a loan on the vehicle, the title will be mailed directly to your lienholder.