hand holding phone showing GEICO "You just saved!"

Believe It!

Some things in life are so awesome, they’re almost hard to believe. One of them is how easy it is to save hundreds on car insurance when you switch to GEICO. Here are some others:

Bride: Aynsley Bubbico
Groom: Dan Lippert
Aunt: Sonja Stuart
Aunt: Bonnie Bailey-Reed
Bridesmaid: Shondalia White
Bridesmaid: Ansley Gordon
Server: Ryan Churchill

Check out more hilarious GEICO commercials here.

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  1. Judy Mollner says,

    Love your raccoons and even the gecko too, but hate hate hate Pinocchio. That voice is noxious and grates on my nerves. Give me more raccoons!

  2. Dan Carey says,

    Home improvement show about a remodeling when wood starts flying across the room in front of the camera. As the host looks around the hall woodchucks are pulling studs off throwing across the room. “Dang woodchucks stop chucking my wood!”

  3. Dan Carey says,

    Wood Chuck commercial idea. BBQ Pit master showing how to smoke with different types of wood. Hickory, oak, mesquite… When he comes across woodchucks cucking a pile of wood. “Dang woodchucks stop cuckin my wood!”

  4. Space Catian People says,

    This is Space and I would formally like to report that I am outraged that the raccoons won the sequels contest. Someone cheated, it had to be the woodchucks.

    • Napoleon says,

      They say nothing important , they just wanted to show some frenchy aristocrate . First She appeared and said “mais ca ne vas pas non!” inaudible i don’t know how to translate but it’s similar to “what’s wrong with you ?”

      And then she said : “regarder moi je suis totalement des- inaudible” , you can translate it by “look at me, im totally-“

  5. Linda L Adams says,

    I LOVE ❤️ the Geico commercials I would LOVE to be in one. One of my favorite is the mother on the phone talking about the squirrels or back when her son is fighting for his life.
    Lol that me when I need to talk to my kids it’s always the wrong time.

    • Em says,

      The mother “Where are you? Its very loud there. Are you taking a Zumba class?” hahahahaha!! I teach Zumba, so this cracks me up every time.

      My absolute favorite is the camel on hump day. That one will NEVER get old.