griswalda the witch

Cooking With Griswalda

If you’ve seen the #GEICOween commercial featuring a pair of roommates looking for a third, you’ve already met Griswalda. Well now, we’re pleased to announce that Griswalda has launched her own cooking show, straight from her new apartment kitchen! Enjoy these recipes from “Cooking With Griswalda” … but we recommend you proceed with caution …

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  1. Emily says,

    Griswalda should have her own Netflix series, there’s so much material here (“argh my roommate turned me into a cat again!!!”)
    Anybody who knocks it is either not a cat person or simply fails to see the potential in things

  2. elaine keane says,

    this commercial is upsettiing…..the kid made up as a cat,,,,,is she chained?,,,,not sure because i have to turn away or switch this when it comes on,,,,,,,please remove it

  3. Carol says,

    The Griswalda commercial that plays repeatedly on television is quite disturbing to me and my grandson. I’m not even sure what the point is, but my grandson hides any time it comes on and asks me to turn off the television. I hope you eliminate it soon.

  4. Andreanna May says,

    So funny! What a great idea. I really needed that little bit of humor with everything horrible that’s going around in our nation thanks for the laughs Geico!!!

  5. glc3994matic says,

    Happy I have a chance to comment. This is by far a very creepy cringe worthy ad. I hate it and turn away. The young woman with whiskers just gives me the creeps
    I am a 20 yr Geico customer and this is their worst ad

  6. Elaine Wade says,

    Thanks for these cooking shows with Griswalda, but we want the recipe for the soup that turns a girl into a cat!

  7. Mike Murphy says,

    I cannot understand all of the cat conversation; particularly the #2 person who says “so we got ???? for a roommate”. Have watched with kids, other adults. No clue. Your commercials are usually so clear, and the punchlines cute. Still looking for translation.

    • Editor (GEICO) says,

      Megan: She wanted a roommate who could help with the cooking.
      Lily: But she wanted someone who loves cats. So we got Griswalda.
      Griswalda: Dinner’s almost ready.
      Megan: But one thing we could both agree on was getting GEICO to help with our renters insurance.
      Lily: Yeah, switching and saving was really easy.
      Griswalda: Here, taste! Drink it all up. Good!
      Megan: Could use a little salt. Just a bit.
      Lily: You feeling ok, Megan?
      Megan: Yeah.
      Lily: Are you sure?
      Megan: Why are you looking at me like that?
      Lily: Megan.
      Megan: Yeah?
      Lily: You sure you’re ok? You sure you’re ok?
      VO: Visit and see how easy saving on renters insurance can be.

        • Stan says,

          Most TV’s often have terrible speakers that make conversations hard to understand. “Some” sound bars can help. Also, some sound engineers don’t do a good job of recording. They tend to favor young listeners.