griswalda the witch

Cooking With Griswalda

If you’ve seen the #GEICOween commercial featuring a pair of roommates looking for a third, you’ve already met Griswalda. Well now, we’re pleased to announce that Griswalda has launched her own cooking show, straight from her new apartment kitchen! Enjoy these recipes from “Cooking With Griswalda” … but we recommend you proceed with caution …

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  1. Mike Murphy says,

    I cannot understand all of the cat conversation; particularly the #2 person who says “so we got ???? for a roommate”. Have watched with kids, other adults. No clue. Your commercials are usually so clear, and the punchlines cute. Still looking for translation.

    • Editor (GEICO) says,

      Megan: She wanted a roommate who could help with the cooking.
      Lily: But she wanted someone who loves cats. So we got Griswalda.
      Griswalda: Dinner’s almost ready.
      Megan: But one thing we could both agree on was getting GEICO to help with our renters insurance.
      Lily: Yeah, switching and saving was really easy.
      Griswalda: Here, taste! Drink it all up. Good!
      Megan: Could use a little salt. Just a bit.
      Lily: You feeling ok, Megan?
      Megan: Yeah.
      Lily: Are you sure?
      Megan: Why are you looking at me like that?
      Lily: Megan.
      Megan: Yeah?
      Lily: You sure you’re ok? You sure you’re ok?
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