The Gecko Continues His (Tiny) Journey Across America

Our beloved GEICO Gecko® has made a number of new stops on his never-ending journey across America to tell people how GEICO could help them save on insurance. Check out some of his latest adventures below:

The Gecko Has A Laughing Fit

The Gecko Welcomes New Neighbors

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The Gecko Stays Late At Work

The Gecko Makes Copies

The Gecko Makes An Announcement

Stay tuned for more Gecko commercials coming soon! In the meantime, check out more great commercials.

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  1. Tina Stanfield says,

    I lost my mama 5 years ago this Sept but I still almost call her when your commercials come on. Thank you for bringing her laughter and smiles, even near the end. She would’ve LOVED the one where you get tickled about your blooper. You are my favorite and I thank you for my laughter and smiles as well.

  2. ThereseMarie says,

    Who ever came up with the “can’t stop laughing” with the little gecko is SO CUTE!! There is not alot to laugh at right now, with all the fears and worries, but THAT commercial is genius!! I LOVE it and it makes me smile and laugh, like you’re really watching it happen now. Thank you for putting some light and smiles in my life and I’m sure alot of other people’s as well!! Keep up the great ideas with the gecko, the animals AND pinocchio!!

    • Michael S Battaglia says,

      The getko commercials continue to be totally hilarious, especially the latest one The laughing getko. As a former loyal gieco customer (I can no longer drive) I was always satisfied with the service, especially when my van caught fire. Keep up the good work.