The Gecko’s Latest Adventures

Our beloved GEICO Gecko® loves to tell people how GEICO could help them save on insurance. Check out some of his latest commercial spots in the playlist below:

Stay tuned for more Gecko commercials coming soon! In the meantime, check out more great commercials.

Download exclusive Gecko phone wallpapers below!

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  1. Probably Tired says,

    I had to compare advertisements for a school assignment. Did not disappoint. The Geico Gecko can come to my tea parties anytime. He is a valued guest.

  2. Philip Gaut says,

    I would like to know the model on the desk. Someone at Geico obviously likes vintage war planes due to all your company has been involved with them.. I was curious what airforce and what WWII plane that is? Thank you

  3. April says,

    My favorite recent commercials are the raccoons … from the try it to the trash truck stealing to the trash for truck. Best ever.

  4. Arle says,

    Hi! Love your commercials. I left a suggestion about an “issue with the pipes” and a guy playing bagpipes, but now I think maybe saying “there is air in the pipes” may be language different from what was used before.

  5. Tammie L. says,

    I’m pretty sure I remember the “15 minutes” slogan from back when the gecko was still upset about being confused with GEICO. That means it was being used before he started working for GEICO. So, why would he have been trying to come up with a slogan for a company he was trying to distance himself from (like when he tried to change his name to Komodo Dragon…)?


    Hello there. I would very much like to buy a Gecko from you for my 1 year old grandson he loves your commercial soo much. He just break out in such laughter when they come on.

  7. Peggy Parrigan says,

    Do you have any geico’s that can be purchased? I love him! I work for Ray Huffines Chevrolet and I was not working the day the insurance agent gave them out to the sales people. Thank you for your consideration. Peggy