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GEICO Commercials: Behind The Scenes

The last time you caught yourself giggling at the Gecko, did you wonder about the zany and brilliant minds who create the GEICO ad campaigns? Take a peek behind the scenes and meet the cast and crew who make these iconic ad spots come to life.

Flag Football with Jerome Bettis

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  1. Yolanda says,

    No, to the bear commercial, people are now feeling affectionate towards bears because of too many bear commercials in other avenues as-well. Some people are getting too close to bears and bears are going into areas where people reside, not a good mix.

  2. Phyllis N. says,

    The bear in the cave commercial is very funny! I am 99% certain that that is a real bear and therefore, did not actually interact with the actors. Is that correct?

  3. Trace L Hentz says,

    You have made our home so happy with your recent crazy-good commercials – we talk about them all!! And we will vote in the sequels but it will be tough to choose one. I am hoping you will bring back the RV commercial with the moose sticker.

  4. Fotini ParonGulian says,

    Hi. My husband and I absolutely love your Pinnochio, woodchuck and raccoon commercials. Kudos to the writers of those! Keep it up!

  5. Bill Shannon says,

    Bring back “Carl” the Lion 🦁 as that was a great commercial and the favorite of many of my friends😉‼️

  6. Kelly Donley says,

    In the new 2020 “BEAR CAVE” commercial, are the actors really in the same space as an actual bear???? Very realistic, if not!

    I love Geico commercials! They actually make me laugh…unlike most others, who try but fail.😉

  7. Dolores Salisbury says,

    Yes I agree with Karen Jones, my vote is for the Raccoons all the way, no doubt it is the funniest one you have had for a while now. I love all animals and have been around Raccoons and have fed them as well as observed their behavior. Yes it is true that they can easily contract Rabies or are carriers, today the cases are rarer than they used to be. I agree that to mention this terrible disease does diminish the cuteness factor a little but they still have my vote. The ad does show how they use their paws like hands and if they were human, probably would pull off a caper like that, and the one where they are selling what they got in the garbage truck…cracks me up. They are ambitious, smart and industrious little creatures that get a bad rap. I know 2 people that said they made great pets. So congrats Geico for making me laugh once again. Going to vote now and guess what…. there it is CHEZ DUMPSTER !! LoL

  8. Karen A Jones says,

    Your newest commercials with the raccoons are hilarious, can you please remove the bit with the one raccoon saying it has rabies, I work in the wildlife rescue field , that comment does not help and it is unnecessary. It is 3am , and I seen that commercial got so upset had to comment on it asap!.