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GEICO Commercials: Behind The Scenes

The last time you caught yourself giggling at the Gecko, did you wonder about the zany and brilliant minds who create the GEICO ad campaigns? Take a peek behind the scenes and meet the cast and crew who make these iconic ad spots come to life.

Flag Football with Jerome Bettis

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  1. Rachel Garza says,

    I have an idea for a geico commercial. I got the inspiration from my 2 year old son. My father and his friend were playing poker and my toddler got up in his grandfather’s lap. He instantly recognized the letters and numbers on the cards, so every time my father got dealt a new card, he said the letter or number outloud. My father’s friend folded after hearing my dad’s hand! I imagine it would go something like “well, did you know toddlers are really bad at poker?”

    • babou say says,

      I also have an idea, teddy is a lame kid he makes everything lame. kids are telling jokes and laughing then teddy tell a joke and everybody stops laughing. then Geico comes in say, teddy makes everything lame its what he do, Geico saves 15% its what we do.

  2. Paula says,

    Re comment from Ellie NeSmith below: I couldn’t agree more. I have already left a similar message at the Geico site. PLEASE get another campaign; I am insulted by this one. I don’t think many young people would act the way you have Peter Pan acting in this one…though perhaps those who created this campaign would.

  3. Ellie NeSmith says,

    I have just one comment on your Geico commercial with “Peter Pan!” That commercial is disgusting and so disrespectful! I just want to slap that little brat playing Peter Pan. When is it funny or cute to abuse a Senior Citizen physically (punching in the stomach and hitting in the face with the feet) and mentally (“doesn’t look a day over 70”). That is not funny nor is it cute. I am half tempted to cancel my Geico policy if you don’t have anymore respect for people of my age group. It is just not right!!! You should be ashamed of yourselves for allowing that. I would definitely hire another Company to do your adds. I love the little gekko, the Pillsberry Doughboy and most other Geico commercials however this one just sets me off as it is so offensive!!!

  4. Kyle newlin says,

    I think GEICO should do a motorcycle commercial where the pig is riding the motorcycle and have him say you’ll save so much you can afford to go hog wild

  5. kathleen petitt says,

    How about a commercial about lionesses and their cubs? I had recently posted on my facebook a response to family telling me happy birthday. It went like this.. If you are a lioness and you have cubs…ie family,you stick’s what you do.

      • Mike says,

        @ Deputy Editor (GEICO)

        A search for “Let it go by” by Nathan Kouns produces no correct results anywhere. Someone somewhere has to know what the Clothing Optional commercial background music is. Who else could be contacted?

  6. Trav hall says,

    I have a great idea for the did you know commercials did you know that thunder storms are the government’s way of hiding space battles and then it shows people looking at a thunder storm and then it goes above the clouds and you see a space battle

  7. Larry Black says,

    Please, please help me out by telling me what that music is that is used on the clothing optional beach ad with the GEICO Gecko. It’s driving me crazy, and one site even says that it is Remind Me by Royksopp, but that’s the one from a caveman ad. I would like to hear the entire song and buy it from itunes, if available. Many thanks.

  8. E. Lindsey says,

    Revive the GEICO cavemen ads! They were funny and that caveman interactive website was the bomb-diggidy! I loved clicking on the computer, TV, stuff in kitchen, etc. Please think about it. Thank you kindly!

  9. Diana Stuart says,

    I loved the Cavemen ads – any chance we’ll see them again? Love the Gecko, by the way. As a desert-dwelling biologist by degree, I’m fond of geckos!

  10. William Pielow says,

    You currently have a clever chicken commercial that that sounds like Ray Orbison singing about the highway. Who is the singer and song title? Thank you.

    • Deputy Editor (GEICO) says,

      Hi! The artist is indeed Roy Orbison, and the song is “Ride Away.” Thanks for asking!

      • Bob says,

        Hi, please let Larry Black and myself know the background music in the Clothing Optional Beach commercial. You hear it at the end when the gecko says “Oy! Crab Cakes! What are you looking at?” Thanks.