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GEICO Commercials: Behind The Scenes

The last time you caught yourself giggling at the Gecko, did you wonder about the zany and brilliant minds who create the GEICO ad campaigns? Take a peek behind the scenes and meet the cast and crew who make these iconic ad spots come to life.

Flag Football with Jerome Bettis

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    • Editor (GEICO) says,

      Here’s the cast:
      Marco Polo – Michael Mazzeo
      Kid – Jillian Lebling
      Kid – Melo Ludwig
      Kid – Owen Asztalos
      AVO – Andrew Anthony

  1. Cheryl R Nave says,

    Your new commercial with the head of the homeowners association or whoever going around cutting mail boxes down & plants is a little unrealistic. It’s annoying & looking at it does not make me want to have anything to do with your company, it pisses me off.

  2. J. Yoson says,

    In todays climate, I feel the Cynthia, HOA rule enforcer whack job, commercial is in poor taste. I’m a FL resident and HOAs are prevalent. That type behavior never ends well!

    • Debbie P says,

      A great commercial is one that you stop and watch every time it comes on. Not only do I stop to watch, but I also laugh along with the Gecko doing the voice over who can’t control his laughter. Laughter is so contagious. Thanks!

  3. TERESA DeBertrand says,

    Your company has the dumbest commercials on TV. If that lady came and cut my flowers&mail box like that,she would have been getting a few words from me.

  4. Mary says,

    Who is the actor in the Geico radio commercial calling his roommate to check the oven and the burners and locking the door

  5. Terry Phipps says,

    Follow up the ratt commercial with” well we got rid of the ratt problem ,we had to get posion”

    • John says,

      Wait. To get rid of the Ratt problem, they should get Whitesnake. THEN to get rid of the Whitesnake problem, get Poison.

  6. Lisa Vena says,

    Hi. I am getting a million calls because everyone thinks my son is in your commercial. He is the boy getting his hair cut. He & my son could pass as twins!! I’m going along with it for fun, but a part of me thinks it is my son Zachary.