More Than Just Great Savings

In our latest commercial campaigns, we remind you that GEICO is about more than just saving money on car insurance. For instance, did you know…

GEICO can help you with other insurance products, too:

GEICO can help with home insurance.

GEICO has 24/7 Roadside Assistance

GEICO has licensed agents available 24/7:

What’s your favorite GEICO commercial? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. Zoey Lanclais says,

    WHY in the world would anyone stay in a dwelling with a clogger family living above them? It is not funny and certainly does not inspire buying any insurance.
    Personally I like clogging in and of itself. I used to clog but never above where someone was living. That is simply rude.

    • got the joke says,

      srsly? it’s a JOKE. talking about their new home and they have a clogging problem – like plumbing clogged! lol you missed the joke, friend.

  2. Heather F says,

    Honest truth, this is the ONLY commercial I watch and don’t forward through!!! Its so catchy and they’re so talented. Favorite favorite favorite!!!

  3. Ieroy says,

    Your commercial on HOAs, making a hard job harder. I was in the HOAs parking group and we were called a lot of names for enforcing the rules they signed up for. Funny but dumb.

  4. Margaret Gawley says,

    Stuck in house because of pandemic and accompanying quarantine. Why would your ad developers find it amusing to show noisemaking neighbors which so many of us are suffering from?

  5. Valerie Hodge says,

    not to crazy about the rat commercial….mute……I hate that green geico…gets on my nerves…..mute

  6. valerie hodge says,

    I LOVE your clogging commercial !! thats probably the only commercial I like !! luv it !! I stop whatever i’m doing to watch it…..the guy in the back catches my attention….GREAT COMMERCIAL …..

  7. Charles Pitman says,

    For your Ratt problem commercial you might think about approaching Bret Michaels, lead singer for Poison, to see if they could help. ?

  8. Barb H says,

    I love the Ratt commercial, and seeing that one has made me appreciate the clogging commercial even more. Good marketing campaign!

  9. Pamela Snyder says,

    Love the cloggers. This is the only product that I bought just because of the commercials.