GEICO Gecko holding plate of cookies

(Quiz) How Well Do You Know Your GEICO Commercials?

You’ve seen them on your TV, they’re in your YouTube recommendations, they’re even streaming through your social media feeds—but how well do you really know them?

Test your knowledge about the Gecko, the Caveman, the Camel and more with this fun quiz:

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  1. Jack L. Schneider says,

    Your commercial with Yogi and Bobo is not appropriate. These two animated bears have always been promoted as friendly and kind animals but your commercial shows them destroying a picnic and scaring the residents up a tree. I think this was done in poor taste and could be corrected with another commercial showing how friendly and helpful Yogi and Bobo really are.

  2. Teresa Hearl says,

    We have fun spending time trying to create new commercials like we have a problem on the deck. Then you have a deck full of pirates.
    Or shingles then you have everyone who comes in is scratching their belly
    We enjoy your commercials.

  3. C. says,

    I’m not one to send this type of message but I can’t resist. I’m not to fond of commercials as a whole but I want to compliment you on your recent commercial that includes the Caption Ahab theme. Stroke of brilliance with the actor and actress and with just the right touch of humor! The ‘bagpipes’ commercial…not bad either.