GEICO Gecko holding plate of cookies

(Quiz) How Well Do You Know Your GEICO Commercials?

You’ve seen them on your TV, they’re in your YouTube recommendations, they’re even streaming through your social media feeds—but how well do you really know them?

Test your knowledge about the Gecko, the Caveman, the Camel and more with this fun quiz:

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  1. Fred says,

    A great commercial idea would be a couple new home back yard connected to a golf course and have a “ Tiger lurking in the Woods” of course it’s Tiger woods looking for a golf ball!!!

  2. Anna Redlus says,

    I don’t understand the Geico 80s kid commercial. I don’t remember any hairstyle like that. What am I missing?

  3. Pam Yttri says,

    I usually enjoy you innovative creative commercials but I’m offended by the one from son to mom. Many of us are seniors today are with it. You depict the mother in this commercial as if she doesn’t live in this century…”face call”? totally self absorbed ? clueless? This commercial is OFFENSIVE!!! How about doing one about the seniors of today who are tech savvy?????????????????? I could do that!!

  4. L. D. says,

    Why does couple say “we have a rat problem” when band is playing in their house? I understand “clogging problem” commercial, but don’t get this one.

  5. Brian Hammond says,

    I’ve always liked your commercials I wouldn’t mind being part of one I like your insurance I like what you guys stand

  6. William Schlueter says,

    So to solve your RATT problem, maybe try seeing what some Poison might do to them.

  7. Harold Prout says,

    Is there still avalible Gecico dragons sitting in a sports avaible for sale? It will make a great gage gift for some one I KNOW.