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Listen To The Latest GEICO Radio Commercials

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  1. heather hartley says,

    This new ad with the goldfish is enough to make me turn off the live stream program on ATL’s WSB Radio. It’s TERRIBLE. Seriously.

  2. Jason Schwarzel says,

    The opera commercial is the most annoying commercial I have ever heard. It plays constantly on radio.com and it is distracting to myself and my co-workers. Please do not air this commercial anymore. It is terrible. NOONE wants to hear that over affected voice.

  3. Cindy says,

    The radio commercial of the opera singing goldfish is the most annoying commercial I’ve ever heard. Nothing else compares to it. Geico, you either need a new Ad Agency or you need to fire the executive there that thought this was a good commercial and approved it. If you’re trying to draw customers with this (and I assume you are, because that’s what advertising is all about) this irritating commercial misses the mark. PLEASE ABANDON IT!

  4. Mia Moriarty says,

    You stumbled onto an interesting auditory phenomenon. The Opera spot induces insta-rage. Maybe not the brightest idea for someone selling car insurance, but hey.

  5. Susan Sanazaro says,

    I was astonished to see there is a website where people could choose to listen to your radio ads. Some of your ads are so irritating — I guess the one I just heard on Comedy 103.1 was “Opera” — that I turn off the volume. Even 30 seconds is too much to endure. How can these ads possibly interest anyone in buying your insurance? When I hear one a flash of negative neurochemicals jolts my brain.

  6. John Merrill says,

    Please, please, stop playing the operatic goldfish. It’s like fingernails on a chalkboard every time I hear it So many other GREAT radio spots, but this is one is BAD.

  7. Cliff Duke says,

    Please, please, PLEASE remove your incredibly annoying “Opera” radio commercial. It makes me want to throw my radio against the wall!

  8. Mary says,

    Hi did Stephen Geoffreys do the ‘oven novice’ radio commercial for Geico? I could swear that’s his voice.

  9. Tom Sheeley says,

    How about the commercial where the guy remembers the day he got his first boat but doesn’t remember the day he got married on?

  10. Amanda says,

    I need the cow tipping commercial!! ? or at least the script!! I live in Texas and I can’t stop laughing ? when it comes on but my husband has never heard it!!

  11. Danielle Fuentes says,

    I am upset over hearing the “extra pinky toe” commercial. My husband and son were both born with 6 toes on each foot. My son gets sad everytime that this commercialism played. He asks if there is something wrong with him. This is a very toeist form of judgement.