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Listen To The Latest GEICO Radio Commercials

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  1. McKayla says,

    The baby one was cute at first, but now that I hear it once every commercial break on Spotify, it’s like nails on a chalkboard. If the baby sound effects were even a second shorter, this commercial would definitely be more bearable to hear multiple times an hour!

  2. Murray says,

    That new commercial is awful. It hurts my ears. Must turn it off as soon as it comes on. I’m sure its hurting business. Real annoying.

  3. Marge says,

    latest Geico Commercial ….terrible I have to turn it off as soon as it comes on!! screaming voice is horrible

  4. Gary Stewart says,

    The female voice talent in the “what are you waiting for” spot absolutely nails it. I wish I could send her an “atta-girl.”

  5. Pamela says,

    The commercial with the lady singing– where did you find her?
    Sorry, but she can’t sing. That commercial is very annoying.

    • Jackie says,

      I agree! Her voice is like nails on chalkboard! I mute it or change the channel when she’s about to sing. Sorry but it’s horrible on the ears.

    • Jackie says,

      If you are meaning the Idina, I think she sings the movie Frozen’s soundtrack. She can sing but in this she’s horrendous!

  6. Carrie Montoya says,

    I was only half listening to the Geico ad that played between my YouTube playlist songs but then I heard the second half of “Mom mom mom” and laughed so hard I had to come find the full commercial to see how it connected to Geico. Especially huge applause to the voice actress’s choice in how she vocalized “Gemini.” Great job, Geico. Keep playing that one for sure.