What Are You Waiting For?

Did you know GEICO is now offering an EXTRA 15% credit on car and motorcycle policies? Do you have GEICO yet? No? What are you waiting for?!

McKayla Maroney To Get Your Frisbee® Off the Roof?

Tag Team To Help You Plan Dessert?

Captain Ahab To Help You Find A Parking Spot?

*Professional driver on a closed course. Do not attempt.

Get GEICO Auto insurance.

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  1. Reggie V. says,

    How nice it would be to see D.J. Whatever say CIRCULAR motion instead of” CIRCLE MOTION “. PLEASE help us bring grammar to our kids ! PLEASE !

    • Dphlat says,

      Grammar Karen you have a valid point about proper grammar. It’s too bad however, that your point is lost by an obnoxious, condescending delivery. Though you attempt to obscure fact, the so-called anonymous DJ to whom you refer is very famous for his musical talents. He has EARNED his fame—arguably at the expense of proper grammar. PSA: If you want to give well-meant advice to someone, start by recognition of their efforts, giving them deserved credit—-this way their dignity is preserved.

  2. Ava says,

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the GEICO commercial with Devon and DJ Khalid!!! Have to admit, I too thought they were related…look a lot alike. Loved it! Makes me glad to say I have GEICO insurance! xoxoxo 🙂

  3. Holly Booker says,

    Who is DJ Khalid and why should I care about him in a Geico commercial? This has to be the worst commercial ever! I turn it off every time it comes on!

  4. Jeff D. says,

    Hate, hate, hate how overplayed and plain stupid this commercial is. I wouldn’t buy Geico insurance because of it.

  5. Elaine Stocker says,

    Geico commercial writers are the best. You couldn’t get any better but you did it again. D.J Khaled and Devin. Tops anything I have ever seen. Geico commercials, just TOPS??

  6. Adelene guzzo says,

    Exquisite commercial….funny and the guy brushing teeth looks like he could be a relative of dj kahled